Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is good in the high country of AZ.. We took a short trip with our new friends, Art and Mary, to RIM country yesterday. Now short trip may be a bit misleading. We drove from Roosevelt lake to Payson. Then up the 260 to Canyon lakes. Guess what? The snow is all but gone. This is early for the season but who knows, it could snow before spring comes. We then drove to the Concord ridge area where all of that free camping is. There were a few campers already there for spring break camping and I can't blame them, the weather was perfect. We drove down to the fish hatchery and saw all of the new trout getting ready to hit the local streams.
Now you would think that Canadians traveling in a foreign country would carry a road map in their truck, WRONG...
For some reason we decided to take the unpaved road to Young then on down to the back side of Roosevelt. It really was a neet drive but one you only want to do once.
Just a short note about Art and Mary. We just met them in Quartzite this year with our other airstream friends. It has been one of our best experiences on the road with new friends yet. They are great people and we will keep in close contact with them while they build their new House in Canada.

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  1. What a great day this was. No better way to get to know someone than to spend 7 hours in a car with them. After all that we decided we still want to come back this fall and hang around with you guys. What do you know!!!