Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Leaving Quartzite

Well, some of my friends here in Quartzite are on my case to publish more often. I feel lucky to get one in each month or at least twice a year. Our time here is growing short. We will leave next Monday, not going all that far, just up to lake Roosevelt. Our two Canadian couples camped with us are also getting under way as well. The good part of all of this is that Art and Mary and Tony are going to join us for a while. Jimmie has to go home for annual checks this month then he will be up as well. The desert has been good to us this year. Not a lot of rain or wind. We are looking forward to a new adventure on the RIM and seeing our friends from Four Corners group. By the way Cooper, our yellow lab is doing grate, He is up and running around and eating like a horse. Good old AZ. dry warm air.
This pic is us in Dec. in Castle Rock WA. and is why we no longer are camp hosting in WA in the winter, what were we thinking.

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  1. Hi Mike & Sherri;

    We arrived at Mittry Lake yesterday, no problem. We are camped right by the water and had a lovely sunset yesterday. This morning Mary will make brownies then we will head into Yuma for our 3 o'clock gathering at the fairgrounds.
    Looking forward to your daily posts as you move to Roosevelt. You did promise daily reports didn't you?
    See you sometime after the 10th

    Art & Mary