Thursday, February 24, 2011

I ate so much I cant stand it. Art took a lot of pictures of our breakfast
getogather. We have grown is size, no pun intended, with two more airstream's and
a couple from Canada in a class c motor home. They all came for brunch and we had a very good time. I think we have talked Mary and Art into coming up to Roosevelt for a few days. Tony is going to come up as soon as it warms in Q..The weather is wonderful and we all feel pretty good. I'm more in clined to go solar with gas going up like it is. We will see.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm back

Well its Feb. 2011. I guess you can say I have been slow in keeping this blog up to date but life is rough. We are back from Wa. state. Had a wonderful summer in 2010 at the KOHO park in Port Townsend and thought we would stay through the winter. What a mistake that was. Sheri became ill with Graves Diaese and our docter would not let her fly back to Wa. so down I came with the two dogs and the bird. Had a good trip down and really missed Sheri. We are in Quartzite with a bunch of other Airstreamers and happy as can be. Sher is doing much better. She is seeing a specialist and we feel her treatment is very good. The group is mostly moving from here about March 6th. We will be at Roosevelt lake for a while then to the high country and a camp host job for the summer. I promise I will do better at keeping this up to date. Mike