Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010
Well its been a while. We are in Camp Verde, Az..Plugged in at our Thousand Trails camp ground. We had a wonderful time at Roosevelt lake with our Airstream group. We will be here for another week, then over to L.A. for a few days with family. Sheri's sister has a big birthday and we are looking forward to seeing the nephews and niece. We have a few "issues" with the trailer so we are going to have estimates done and hope to get the work done before we go to the high country. Our friend Jimmie went up to 7500 ft. last week and got snowed on. The weather is warming up now so it should be getting nice. Our new web access with "Autonet" is working grate, we dont know how we ever got along with out it. We miss our friends in the North West but we will get there next summer. I think we now have all of the gear we need to "boondock". Our last purchase was an ice maker. I know, what do we need an ice maker for. Well, I have figured that we can pay for it over the summer by not buying ice. It makes a tray of cubes every 6 minutes. We run it when ever we run the gen set to charge up the house batteries. Not bad. We will keep you posted....Mike

Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, we made it to Roosevelt lake two days ago. Quite a change from Quartzsite, no sand. lots of flowers and wild life, cooler temps and a beautiful lake view. We are in the Cholla camp ground on the west side of the lake. The Roosevelt Dam is really impressive and what they went through to build it is unbelievable. We are 34 miles form Globe and 44 miles from Payson. There are quite a few families camping here, spring break is in full bloom. Sheri is suffering from alergies but that's an on going problem. Our friend Cathie may be coming up to see us soon. She came to Q once and Deadhorse so she needs to keep up with us here. We will be at Roosevelt till the end of April, then we will close the house and head north,"indirectly" for spring, summer and fall. See you later. Mike

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well here we are, but its getting hot. We went down to Imperial Dam for a few days. It stormed and the wind never stopped blowing so back to Quartzsite we came. The airstream group is still here, and new friends from NM. are on their way in now. Our friends Jimmie and his wife Min were here but their dog Bob past away last week so they went home to re group. Jimmie is leaving on Monday to go "up" with us. We are heading for lake Roosevelt to stay till the end of April. Everything changes. The desert has been fun for the winter. I now have a list of things that I dont need but sure would like to have for the future. See you next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well we are back in Quartzsite Az. The weather has not been all that good, wet with rain and a lot of wind this year. Our 10 by 10 stand alone room isn't standing any more. It took off yesterday in a near 50 knot blast of air. Oh well, as sailors we knew better but left it up. We will survive. We had 5 of us here in Q yesterday. Rich Luhr from Airstream life Mag. was here for the night. The weather is supposed to get better now. We hope we can get back to shorts soon, then I can fuss about the heat. ha ha. Our friend Cathie was here for the weekend. Had a good time and went to Yuma for the day on Sunday. She is a little crazy and helped us to move on after we had to put our loved cat Gabby down last week. Have to go out now and clean up. See u later

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deadhorse Airstream Rally

Well we moved from 1000 trailes down to Dead horse state park for our 4Th rally with our Four Corners Airstream group. Weather is really good. A little cold at night but near 70 in the afternoons. We have a good turn out with 23 Airstream's here. I promise that I will take some Pictures and post them here. The rally is a pirate theme and we have a treasure hunt in Old Cottonwood this morning. The ridge around the Verde valley are covered in snow making it really pretty. We will be here till Tuesday then head back to Quartzsite for 1 1/2 months. The great thing is we haven't figured out where we are going for our summer. We had our first house guest last week. That made it 3 adults, one 100lb Lab, one 17 year old cat and the meanest pariot you have ever seen. See you next time...Mike

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Camp Verde

Well we made it up here last Sunday. The weather has been wonderful, but a little colder than Quartzsite. Cottonwood is just 4 miles down the road and Sadona is Add Imagejust a few miles up the road. Not a bad spot to spend the winter. We really miss the ocean. I have been thinking about going out to Florida to see friends there. Have to make that decision right after the Airstream rally at Deadhorse next week. What a life! You can tell that all of our friends in the 4cu Airstream group are getting restless and ready for the rally. I'll have more after next week.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quartzsite Experience

Well here we are in Quartzite Az.. The worlds largest RV show is going on and there must be at least 50,000 RVs of every shape and size parked out in the desert with us. We have been here since Dec. 30 and the weather has been pretty good---until 3 days ago. We now have water front property, ha ha..... Lots of rain and today we have wind and gust's to 60. The little Airstream is doing great. We have 3 other Air buddies with us and are all tied down for the storm. Sheri found a quilting group in town and is in heaven, there are days when its hard to get in due to the sewing bee in progress. We will leave here on the 30th to take care of the new tenants coming in then up to Camp Verde and Cottonwood for our big Airstream rally. I'll try to be a little more regular with my updates. See you soon...Mike