Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010
Well its been a while. We are in Camp Verde, Az..Plugged in at our Thousand Trails camp ground. We had a wonderful time at Roosevelt lake with our Airstream group. We will be here for another week, then over to L.A. for a few days with family. Sheri's sister has a big birthday and we are looking forward to seeing the nephews and niece. We have a few "issues" with the trailer so we are going to have estimates done and hope to get the work done before we go to the high country. Our friend Jimmie went up to 7500 ft. last week and got snowed on. The weather is warming up now so it should be getting nice. Our new web access with "Autonet" is working grate, we dont know how we ever got along with out it. We miss our friends in the North West but we will get there next summer. I think we now have all of the gear we need to "boondock". Our last purchase was an ice maker. I know, what do we need an ice maker for. Well, I have figured that we can pay for it over the summer by not buying ice. It makes a tray of cubes every 6 minutes. We run it when ever we run the gen set to charge up the house batteries. Not bad. We will keep you posted....Mike