Friday, March 26, 2010

Well, we made it to Roosevelt lake two days ago. Quite a change from Quartzsite, no sand. lots of flowers and wild life, cooler temps and a beautiful lake view. We are in the Cholla camp ground on the west side of the lake. The Roosevelt Dam is really impressive and what they went through to build it is unbelievable. We are 34 miles form Globe and 44 miles from Payson. There are quite a few families camping here, spring break is in full bloom. Sheri is suffering from alergies but that's an on going problem. Our friend Cathie may be coming up to see us soon. She came to Q once and Deadhorse so she needs to keep up with us here. We will be at Roosevelt till the end of April, then we will close the house and head north,"indirectly" for spring, summer and fall. See you later. Mike

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well here we are, but its getting hot. We went down to Imperial Dam for a few days. It stormed and the wind never stopped blowing so back to Quartzsite we came. The airstream group is still here, and new friends from NM. are on their way in now. Our friends Jimmie and his wife Min were here but their dog Bob past away last week so they went home to re group. Jimmie is leaving on Monday to go "up" with us. We are heading for lake Roosevelt to stay till the end of April. Everything changes. The desert has been fun for the winter. I now have a list of things that I dont need but sure would like to have for the future. See you next time.