Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So! As I was trying to take my nap this afternoon it suddenly felt like we were sliding off of the cliff just outside our front door. When I looked this is what I saw. They were doing rescue practice on this fine sunny day. It's a perfect place to practice for them. By the way, they did rescue the dummy they threw out the door earlier.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Smoky in his favorite place. I can't go out without taking him along. We will be leaving here in two weeks. Got a new job as caretakers of a county park. It's more long term and almost across the street from our ESP park. Sheri will have a fenced in, grass yard and all of the garden she can handle. As soon as we get moved I will post pictures. No ocean views but the park is beautiful.
Well, you cant tell it very well but it's a Stormy day here in the North West. This is looking from the north west down the Hood Canal to the south east. The wind is blowing at 30mph with higher gusts. I never get tired of this view. There aren't a lot of ships out now but when the tied turns they will start to move.