Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well we are back in Quartzsite Az. The weather has not been all that good, wet with rain and a lot of wind this year. Our 10 by 10 stand alone room isn't standing any more. It took off yesterday in a near 50 knot blast of air. Oh well, as sailors we knew better but left it up. We will survive. We had 5 of us here in Q yesterday. Rich Luhr from Airstream life Mag. was here for the night. The weather is supposed to get better now. We hope we can get back to shorts soon, then I can fuss about the heat. ha ha. Our friend Cathie was here for the weekend. Had a good time and went to Yuma for the day on Sunday. She is a little crazy and helped us to move on after we had to put our loved cat Gabby down last week. Have to go out now and clean up. See u later

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your cat. We thought our 20 year old cat was in a bad way two weeks ago when he developed the abscess but he is much better now. We will be in Quartzsite next fall for sure... I still want to do the Dental thing south of the border...
    Take good care...Christina and Richard.