Thursday, February 4, 2010

Camp Verde

Well we made it up here last Sunday. The weather has been wonderful, but a little colder than Quartzsite. Cottonwood is just 4 miles down the road and Sadona is Add Imagejust a few miles up the road. Not a bad spot to spend the winter. We really miss the ocean. I have been thinking about going out to Florida to see friends there. Have to make that decision right after the Airstream rally at Deadhorse next week. What a life! You can tell that all of our friends in the 4cu Airstream group are getting restless and ready for the rally. I'll have more after next week.

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  1. Oh I wish you two could come out here for a visit! You would love being by the Gulf and with the river and marina at the other end it is soooo cool...see pics at