Monday, April 15, 2013

New Hobby. I joined the local rc club last month and just bought my first rc airplane. This is how it looks new. As I learn to fly I will show pictures of the pieces. The wing span is 47in and since we live in the north west it comes with floats to take off from water. My biggest worry is watching my $200.00 go nose first into the ground. I have a friend in the club who will connect electronically to my control radio to train me and hopefully keep me and the plane in one piece. My other hobby, ham radio is going good as well. We got our storage delivered from Arizona and my large antenna has arrived and is in the air. I have been talking all over Europe and into Japan. Retirement is good.

Spring has sprung and the park looks wonderful. It was full of people this weekend with baseball and basketball games going on every day. We are getting to know a lot of the people who walk the mile trail around the park. The trail goes right by our front gate so we greet as many as we can. Life is good.

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