Monday, July 30, 2012

OK, I'm way late in updating but this moving stuff is hard. Sheri is buried in her kitchen stuff. I tried helping her and you can guess how that went. The joy of our life style is we can take the time to do things right and then do them again if we are not happy with the first results. I just read the morning notes on my friend Art's blog. He and his wife Mary are building their "off the grid home" in Canada. It seams Mary is away and Art is reflecting today. He has a gift for writing and today he put to pen what all of us think about. Thanks Art. You have made me stop and think about life once more.


  1. Mike;

    You are too kind. You humble me.

    Thanks form including me in your day.

    Your friend


  2. It is so great to see your new home. congradulations!