Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We are back.

Well after weeks of researcch and a number of new purchases we are back in contact. We are located at "Spillway campground" at Woods Canyon Lake in AZ. spending our summer as camphost's. Our campsite is right on the lake in a small 23 site campground. This happens to be the most visited campground in Az. and is on a reservation system for the season but we have room for friends to stay on our site. The elevation is about 7500 ft. and it took a little to get use to but we made it. Last week we had 5 in. of snow which melted after 2 days. The weather is getting nice now with Temps. in the upper 60s and sunny days. Our friend Tony K. is in Colorado out of contact, hosting a campground for the same company that we are working for. I'm sure he will figure a way to get back on line soon. We have pictures of the camp, lake and snow. I'll get them up soon. See you soon, Mike

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